‘A Star Is Born’ Music: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper Reveal Just How They Created Those Memorable Tunes


“Twinkle Twinkle Directing Star?” Bradley Cooper has quietly assembled a formidable resume these last ten or so years following his “Hangover” breakout. Not content with being just an A-list star and perennial awards darling, Cooper moved into the production side a few years ago and has taken the leap into directing at long last with “A Star Is Born.” And while critics are raving about the acting and production quality of his directorial debut, it’s the music that leaves the biggest lasting impression.

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Cooper’s iteration marks the fourth time this film has been made, with this newest reboot having been kicked around development hell for a handful of years. Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise, and Beyonce have all been attached to this project at one point or another, yet it is Cooper and Lady Gaga that have taken the reins.

In the film, Gaga plays the muse to Cooper’s country music troubadour. It’s a curious first directing project for Cooper, who has to star in this thing as well as sing. These would be challenges for someone not also helming their first project, so it’s incredible that the actor was able to transition to director (and rock star) with ease.  Gaga’s singing and performing prowess helps with the musical bits, of course.

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And in a couple new behind-the-scenes featurettes, we discover just how Bradley Cooper turned into Jackson Maine and how Lady Gaga was able to fully embody Ally, as well as how both were able to write songs that have become instant awards contenders. It’s enlightening to see Cooper describe the amount of work he put in to not just act like a rock star, but how he actually became a true musician and songwriter.

If that wasn’t enough, Lady Gaga released another music video for one of the standout songs from the film, “Look What I’ve Found.” If you haven’t already bought the soundtrack, this song is one of many reasons why you really should.


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