Auteurs On Netflix: ‘Maniac’ & ‘Hold The Dark’ [AYT Podcast]


On this episode of Adjust Your Tracking, Joe and I eschew the theatrical route for a discussion on two recent high profile Netflix releases. With the streaming service’s current release mode set to full-on tidal wave, it can be overwhelming just thinking about what to watch and even keeping up on what’s new and worth your time. Hopefully, we can be of service, as both items on this show’s talk sheet are worth your time. But we like one more than the other.

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Director Jeremy Saulnier (“Green Room,” “Blue Ruin“) is fast becoming a known and appreciated quantity in film circles. His until-now lean and efficient direction, capable of mining existential dread while also subverting genre tropes, has helped launch him to attention in recent years. But he’s yet to land the box office success his two previous films deserved truly. While that won’t change for his new film, “Hold The Dark” (check out The Playlist review here), as it will be seen primarily on Netflix, it will hopefully garner him new fans should they want to go on the dark and strange odyssey he’s made. It’s a challenging but fascinating film, and we hope more like it gets made as they’re always in short supply. We can’t say the same for limited series “Maniac,” the new 10 episode… thing… from Netflix directed entirely by Cary Fukunaga (“True Detective S1,” “Beasts Of No Nation“), which is still fascinating but a very mixed bag overall. There are lots to get into here, so we discuss!

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