DC To Launch Their Own Netflix-Style Streaming Service With Live-Action ‘Teen Titans’ Show From ‘Batman & Robin’ Writer


The streaming revolution has been a relatively simple one so far: if you had Netflix and Amazon, that would cover your bases for most of the big shows and movies out there eventually. But things have become increasingly splintered for the cord-cutters: HBO launched HBO Go; Hulu land their first real killer app this week with “The Handmaid’s Tale”; and even CBS, home of Shows That Your Grandparents Fall Asleep To, got in on the act with CBS All Access, which exclusively holds “The Good Wife” spin-off “The Good Fight” and the upcoming new “Star Trek” show.

The latest corporation to announce plans to launch their own streaming service that you’ll have to pony up another $10 a month for? Comics behemoth DC and parent company Warner Bros., according to a Deadline story, and they’re bringing a couple of high-profile new shows to it exclusively. According to the trade, an as-yet-unnamed DC-branded service will launch in 2018, with two new shows: a live-action “Teen Titans” series, called just “Titans,” and a revival of animated show “Young Justice” called “Young Justice: Outsiders.”

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The “Titans” show, unsurprisingly, comes from Greg Berlanti, who’s produced the billion previous CW superhero shows (“Arrow,” “The Flash,” “Legends Of Tomorrow,” “Supergirl” plus the upcoming “Black Lightning”), who has written the pilot with DC Entertainment head Geoff Johns and, uh, “Batman & Robin” writer Akiva Goldsman. It’ll see Batman sidekick Dick Grayson, aka Robin, put together a team of youthful heroes that has traditionally included the likes of Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, Speedy, Aquagirl, Starfire and Raven, though the show’s line-up remains to be seen.

It’s a revival of a show that Goldsman originally developed for TNT back in 2014, so waste not want not. Will that, and the animated show, be enough to make even the most ardent DC fan shell out for another monthly subscription? We assume that it’ll also include back episodes of “Supergirl” et al, and movies like “Suicide Squad,” but even those may be tied up in pre-existing deals (CW have an ongoing and lucrative deal with Netflix). Still, expect more of this sort of thing going forward, with studios keeping their killer-app content behind their own particular paywalls to help compete with Netflix — how long before Disney announce their own streaming service with a “Star Wars” show…?


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