Gushing Over ‘The Tree Of Life’ Extended Cut From Criterion [Home Video Highlights]


Welcome to a new edition of The Playlist Podcast, a discussion about film news and other film and television related items. Erik from AYT here, and on this episode I’m joined by Over/Under Movies creator Oktay Ege Kozak. On this episode, we put on our Blu-ray hats and bust out another Home Video Highlights discussion. And for a good reason, as Criterion recently put out a gorgeous copy of Terrence Malick‘s “The Tree of Life,” complete with lots of extras and a previously unreleased extended cut that adds some 50 minutes to the film.

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Is it possible that Malick has improved on his theatrical cut? Thankfully, the release comes with both versions. There’s a lot to appreciate and take in with this one, so give a listen and let us know what you think. Also, make sure to check also check out this excellent breakdown of the extended cut from Playlist Editor-in-Chief Rodrigo Perez.

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