‘Here And Now’ Trailer: Sarah Jessica Parker Shines In New Drama With Renée Zellweger & Jacqueline Bisset


Fans of the “Sex And The City” star, Sarah Jessica Parker, may know her work on the big and small screen, but it appears in her latest project, the actress will be harnessing her musical theatre talents in “Here And Now.” Parker will play a singer/songwriter who receives life-changing news, leading her to reexamine her life.

Parker has been dabbling in some interesting projects since her notable role as Carrie Bradshaw. The actress has appeared in a string of small films and has found recent acclaim on the critically-acclaimed HBO series “Divorce,” opposite Thomas Haden Church. But Parker has also had a great career on stage with performances on Broadway, even opposite her husband Matthew Broderick. Well her singing talents will be on full display in Fabien Constant‘s latest directorial venture. Parker will play opposite established music talent, Common.

With Renee ZellwegerSimon Baker, and Jacqueline Bisset rounding out the cast, the film seems an emotional ride for Parker’s Vivienne. Without telling in the trailer what news the singer receives, Parker will balance her personal and professional life, with an internal conflict just gripping her. “There are things I haven’t achieved. But I’m not done yet,” she says as the trailer closes.

“Here And Now” Hits theaters, on demand and digital November 9, 2018

Here’s the official synopsis and trailer:

Vivienne (Sarah Jessica Parker), is an established singer/songwriter with a successful music career.  On the eve of a major performance, Vivienne receives some life-altering news that causes her to reevaluate her priorities.  As she crisscrosses the busy streets of New York City, she tries to balance her upcoming music tour, family, and friends. With the support of her overbearing mother, Jeanne (Jacqueline Bisset), her long-time manager, Ben (Common), and her ex-husband, Nick (Simon Baker), Vivienne strives to make peace with the decisions and sacrifices she’s made along the way.


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