Horror Short ‘Eater’ Displays The Early Talents Of ‘Stranger Things’ Duo The Duffer Brothers


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you’ve probably heard of “Stranger Things,” the new hit show from Netflix that saw social media and blogs crawling with people sharing memes, theories, and just general love of the series. And much of the credit for the bingeworthy show goes to its creators, writers/directors Ross and Matt Duffer. Since many were unfamiliar with the duo before “Stranger Things,” there’s a lot of interest in their earlier works. One such effort is “Eater,” a horror short that is gaining fresh attention.

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According to their bio, “Eater” came from their collaboration with producer Mace Neufeld, who has dozens of major credits including “The Hunt For Red October.” They earned the privilege of meeting with the Hollywood producer weekly after being named Marion Knott Scholars.

While the general public eagerly awaits the Duffer Brothers’ next output, “Eater” is now available for streaming and displays the early talents of the directing duo. Sharing many of the same themes as “Stranger Things,” the short offers a glimpse at the growth that has occurred since their film-school days to their newly minted Netflix hit series. [io9]


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