It Is Happening Again In Latest Trailer For New Season Of ‘Twin Peaks’


The Cannes Film Festival screening schedule dropped today, and it turns out that for regular attendees, they won’t be seeing David Lynch‘s “Twin Peaks” before the rest of the world. The debut of the first two episodes are actually scheduled to screen days after they launch on Showtime, which perhaps speaks to the high level of secrecy being kept wrapped tight around the show. Granted, the forthcoming press schedule may reveal that critics will get a sneak peek, but considering the network isn’t even sending out screeners, I won’t be entirely surprised if they also will be seeing the show after it debuts.

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At any rate, an eerie new promo has dropped for the show, simply titled “It Is Happening Again.” It’s moody, atmospheric, weird — in other words, it’s David Lynch. As for what clues it might reveal, I’ll leave it to the fans to let us know in the comments section.

“Twin Peaks” arrives on Sunday, May 21st.


  1. I too saw the Oogieloves trailer and I was surprised to see so many big name actors. But, I guess a paycheck is a paycheck. Glad to hear Bernie was good. I had high hopes for it after seeing the trailer.


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