Jason Statham & Gal Gadot Kick Serious Butt In New Super Bowl Spot


America might seem more divided than ever as we head into Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump, but in a couple weeks the country will come back together in living rooms across the land for the Super Bowl. The widely viewed championship football game is also one of the biggest TV advertising days of the year, with companies spending big money hoping to sell their wares to a captive audience, and often that means enlisting big name stars. Well, Wix is getting the ball rolling with their game day ad.

Jason Statham and Gal Gadot make the case that they need an action franchise immediately, with this ad that sees them laying waste to nameless thugs in a fancypants restaurant, all while the chef is busy in the kitchen using the wonders of Wix to make a website. The premise is a bit silly, but the spot delivers where it counts, with Statham and Gadot making it look almost too easy to dispatch waves of baddies.

Many more ads to come on Super Bowl Sunday on February 5th. [Coming Soon]


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