‘Madeline’s Madeline’ & ‘Skate Kitchen’ Are Two Damn Good Indie Films From Female Directors [Adjust Your Tracking]


Yet another reason why we need more feminine filmmaking voices…

On this episode of Adjust Your Tracking, Joe and I come of age (yet again) and put ourselves into a female perspective with indie releases ‘Madeline’s Madeline‘ and “Skate Kitchen.” Those films are slowly rolling out to arthouse theaters this month and soon after on VOD. And you should really pay attention to them and watch! But the Summer movie season all but wrapped, blockbuster-wise, you say? So, now’s the time to use the last vestiges of your MoviePass (if possible, yikes) to seek these smaller films out.

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We start things off on this show by talking about how MoviePass users could be incentivized to see these small films, but since service is not long for this world it seems unlikely that’ll happen now. Either way, these are small films, neither of them perfect by any means, but still damn good. We’d like to think that’s enough, but it’s always a tough sell.

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