Serving Up a Hot & Ready Discussion Of A24’s Horror-Comedy ‘Slice’ [Podcast]


Welcome back to The Playlist Podcast, the show in which we review films, discuss pertinent pop culture items, or really anything that we think is worth discussing. Though this week, the topic at hand was very unexpected.

On this episode, I’m joined by Matt Donato (/Film, Flickering Myth, We Got This Covered) to discuss “Slice,” A24‘s pizza-themed horror-comedy that is the directorial debut of Austin Vesely and the acting debut of Chance the Rapper. For a bit of context, if you don’t follow Matt on Twitter, Mr. Donato spent a good month-and-a-half going – in his words – full-on “Snyder Cut bro” at A24’s account about releasing “Slice.” The film was shot in 2016, sat on the shelf for all of 2017, and never played any genre-friendly film festivals (or any, for that matter). This past Monday, A24 did a preview screening in major cities around the country, only to announce after the fact that they would be releasing the film across all major VOD platforms the following day.

For those like Matt who have been dying to see this movie, that is both exciting and a cause for concern. Remember “The Cloverfield Paradox?” If you don’t, you no doubt remember the power-play surprise release, which built immediate hype for a movie that is mediocre at best. Some may be asking if the same fate befell “Slice?” The good news is, “not exactly.” We find plenty of things that are messy or incomplete about the movie in our discussion, but we also find a lot of good in the movie that makes it worth recommending for a VOD rental. We’re even more favorable towards the film than this week’s major release – Shane Black‘s “The Predator” – which we find some time at the top of the episode to share some brief thoughts on.

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