‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’: Spoilers, Easter Eggs, Box Office, And More! [Podcast]


Welcome to another edition of The Playlist Podcast, a discussion about film news and other film and television related items.

I’m joined as always by Playlist Editor-in-Chief Rodrigo Perez to hop aboard the Millennium Falcon and discuss Ron Howard‘s (in association with Phil Lord and Chris Miller) “Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

In all fairness, for all the unprecedented production turmoils that the film underwent, the one thing that can be said in the film’s favor is that if you didn’t know it, you wouldn’t be able to tell that 70% of the film was reshot. Those are terms that Rod and I come to an agreement early on in the episode, and while Rod’s review is much kinder than mine (Read his “B-” review here), we also come to an agreement on the film’s script which, to put kindly, is rough.

We spend the first 33 minutes and 25 seconds on our spoiler-free, non-specific thoughts on the film (unlike “Infinity War,” this one is pretty easy to dance around spoilers). At the 33:26 mark, we get into a ***SPOILER DISCUSSION*** on the film, so if you have not seen “Solo” yet and want to stay fresh, listen to the first third, and come back once you’ve seen the film.

Editor’s Note: This episode is arriving much later than when we recorded it, due to the combined fact that it was screened fairly far in advance, and technical difficulties in regards to my editing computer. The episode is perfectly fine and in-tact, but there are some things that may seem “dated” at this time of release (mostly in reference to the competition with “Deadpool 2” and its projected box office, which we now know how that played out).

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