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Al Pacino Cast In Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon A Time In...

Oh you, know, no big deal, just another day, another legendary actor joining the already-stacked cast of a Quentin Tarantino movie. The “Reservoir Dogs” filmmaker’s latest, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” is in production now and keeps adding members to its cast. The latest is 78-year-old icon Al Pacino who has never worked with […]

‘Scarface’ At Tribeca: 7 Highlights From The 35th Anniversary Screening

The ornate Beacon Theatre served as the perfect setting for the Tribeca Film Festival’s 35th Anniversary of “Scarface,” Brian De Palma’s baroque epic of American greed. The film’s wide and enduring appeal was evident in the diversity of the rowdy, sold-out crowd, which even featured some confrontations during the film over Tony Montana acolytes in […]

HBO’s ‘Paterno:’ Barry Levinson & Al Pacino Can’t Create A Happy...

Writer/director Barry Levinson is on to something: he’s cornering the market with the anodyne TV movie portrait of real-life middle age men. And in the era of edgy, envelope-pushing PeakTV, he’s got little competition. It’s unclear if they’ll go for the threepeat, but Levinson, actor Al Pacino and cable network HBO have made back to […]

2018 Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie Emmy...

This year is seemingly less competitive than you’d expect.  Do Benedict Cuberbatch or Jeff Daniels get snubbed?  Unlikely.  Can Antonio Banderas make the cut?  Possible, but we’re not so sure.  Frankly, the final six in this category may already be set.  [Posted April 4] Frontrunners Darren Criss, “Assassination of Gianni Versace” Benedict Cumberbatch, “Patrick Melrose” […]

Al Pacino & Barry Levinson Talk ‘Paterno,’ ‘The Irishman,’ ‘The Godfather’...

It’s not like he’s the most elusive person on the planet, but you don’t normally get someone like Al Pacino on a podcast. But in a recent episode of “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” The Ringer got just that: a conversation with two Hollywood legends, Barry Levinson and Pacino, discussing their new HBO film, “Paterno.” The director/actor […]

‘Paterno’ Trailer: Al Pacino Tries To Survive The Jerry Sandusky Scandal

As the country becomes emboldened by the power of the #MeToo movement, sexual assault survivors are speaking up everywhere from every industry. One of the sports industry’s most infamous cases of sexual abuse, HBO’s upcoming film, “Paterno” looks to explore the disgraced Penn State football coach’s role in and knowledge of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. […]

‘Paterno’ Trailer: Al Pacino Faces The Jerry Sandusky Scandal

Barry Levinson and HBO have cultivated a great working relationship in the past few years, with the channel releasing his two films, the Al Pacino starring “You Don’t Know Jack” in 2010 and, most recently, his acclaimed Robert De Niro film “The Wizard of Lies” last year. He returns to the channel with “Paterno,” re-teaming with […]

Quentin Tarantino Wants Al Pacino For Manson Movie

In the rush to report the news that Leonardo DiCaprio was reteaming with Quentin Tarantino for the director’s next film, trade sites were furiously updating their stories after the fact. So, another intriguing nugget about the brewing project got overlooked as it was added later on. According to Variety, Tarantino is eyeballing Al Pacino for […]

‘The Pirates Of Somalia’ Trailer: Al Pacino Inspires Journalist Evan Peters

The past week has seen some truly wacky trailers arrive. Michael Shannon becomes Bigfoot in “Pottersville,” Brie Larson travels to India for wacky adventures in “Basmati Blues,” and now Al Pacino becomes the inspiration for Evan Peters to put his life in danger in “The Pirates Of Somalia.” One of those random Pacino movies we […]

‘Hangman’ Trailer: Al Pacino Stars In Off Brand ‘Se7en’

While we’re all excited that Al Pacino is finally working Martin Scorsese on “The Irishman,” let’s not forget that he’s immune to making low-rent trash (much like his co-star, Robert De Niro). Case in point: “Hangman.” Co-starring Karl Urban and Brittany Snow, the film seems to play like an off brand “Se7en” or “Mindhunter,” with […]

Joe Pesci Comes Out Of Retirement, Confirmed For Martin Scorsese’s ‘The...

For most actors, if Martin Scorsese comes calling, you don’t ask any questions, and clear your calendar. However, Joe Pesci is not like everybody else. Even though he’s made three pictures with the director and his best friend Robert De Niro — “Raging Bull,” “Goodfellas,” “Casino” — Pesci has been very resistant to get back in […]

Al Pacino’s Joe Paterno Film ‘Happy Valley’ Back On At HBO

While Peak TV is credited for allowing premium cable networks to tackle provocative material, there are still some subjects that prove to be too much of a hot potato. A few years back, HBO “suspended pre-production” on “Happy Valley,” a film tackling the Joe Paterno scandal, that would’ve reteamed Al Pacino and Brian De Palma, […]

Francis Ford Coppola & ‘The Godfather’ At Tribeca: Watch The Full...

The Tribeca Film Festival is coming to a close, and today is the last day to catch up with the festival winners. But last night, Tribeca capped off a successful 2017 run with an epic and historic evening to celebrate the 45th anniversary of “The Godfather.” A marathon eight-hour event, Tribeca screened “The Godfather” and “The […]

Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ Is Returning To Theaters For One Night Only

If you’ve never seen Michael Mann‘s “Heat” on the big screen, you’re missing out; the film’s signature gunfights and neon-soaked Los Angeles were always meant to tower over audiences. There’s still time to fix that, though: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and the Alamo Drafthouse have partnered on a one-night-only screening of Mann’s crime classic on […]

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