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Predicting The 2017 Independent Spirit Awards Winners Because Why Not?

The 2017 Independent Spirit Awards are upon us and beyond the anticipation of Nick Kroll and John Mulaney hosting the 32nd annual indie film shindig, there is actual suspense over who will take home the top prizes. Over the past decade or so, the casual chic Spirits have featured many of the nominated films battling […]

The Best Movies Of 2016: Rodrigo Perez’s Picks

Ok, we’re done looking back on 2016, but if you have an appetite for more and or missed it, here’s all our Best Of 2016 coverage. OK, I know, I know. We’re waaaaaay past the sell by date on Top 10 lists, I’m all too painfully aware. My tombstone will read, “Life got in the […]

Jessica Kiang’s Top 20 Films Of 2016

I don’t think I’m the only person to have wondered about the usefulness of watching, discussing and writing about film — or any art — when it feels like outside the theater, the sky is falling. Great chunks of catastrophe are raining down from the heavens and I’m pondering crucial issues like the mythology of […]

Ryan Oliver’s Top 10 Films Of 2016

I will spare everyone by not starting this list with reasons why 2016 sucked. However, one thing that has to be called into question are these “Film is Dead,” “TV is Winning the Culture War,” and “Why 2016 is the Worst Year in Film” clickbait headlines. If film is truly dead, and 2016 is truly […]

Katie Walsh’s Top 10 Films Of 2016

Every year when I do this, I try to find a theme among the films that stuck with me for the year. Sometimes it’s women directors or the American Dream or the triumph of the human spirit. I find that those themes run through this list as well, from Mike Mills’ “20th Century Women” to […]

The 25 Best Movie Music Moments Of 2016

Howard Hawks once defined a good movie as one with “three good scenes and no bad ones.” Whether or not you think he’s right — and he’s not massively wrong — it’s often the moments that make the movies for us, and there’s no better way to make a moment memorable than with some music. […]

The Best Cinematography Of 2016

As we slowly and eagerly await the end of a year that history will squint back on forever, we can take some solace in knowing that it hasn’t been completely devoid of good things. And if you’ve been following our marathon year-end coverage from the beginning of December, which course you have been, you know […]

The 25 Best Films Of 2016

Those of us who call it home can kind of take it for granted, but it’s an honor and a pleasure to be part of a collective effort like The Playlist, and that’s never made more abundantly clear than when we compile our official annual Best Films ranking. As in recent years, we’ve collated our rankings […]

The 30 Best Film Scores & Soundtracks Of 2016

It’s been something of a mixed year for movies in some ways — a fairly sparse first half of the year, including the worst blockbuster season in living memory, followed by an absolutely rammed fall season that, even more than most, has seen a wealth of pleasures in movie theaters. But one thing for sure […]

Celebrating The Films Of 2016

It’s too bad that who dismissively write off 2016 as “a bad movie year” couldn’t find more than a few films to treasure across the last twelve months. Sure, blockbuster movies were pretty terrible all around, but even a glimpse of indie cinema and foreign films this year (South Korea alone yielded the excellent likes of […]

‘American Honey’ Leads Winners At British Independent Film Awards, ‘Under The...

As December rolls along (only twenty more shopping days until Christmas!) the awards keeping coming, and over the weekend, it was the folks at the British Independent Film Awards turn to hand out the honors. In case you’re wondering, this will have little to no impact on how Oscar voting will go, but if anything, […]

The 20 Best Movie Trailers Of 2016

We have a love/hate relationship with movie trailers (don’t even get Kevin started on teaser trailers), that is, we love to talk about how much we hate them. But they’re an unavoidable fact of the business, and while we try not to feed the beast of pre-trailer teasers and trailer release date hype, we can’t […]

Sight & Sound’s Top 20 Films Of 2016 Topped By ‘Toni...

If you’re looking for a year end list that marries the high brow choices of Cahiers Du Cinema with some mainstream fare, then Sight & Sounds top 20 films of 2016 will be a real treat. Their list is arthouse heavy, but isn’t afraid to acknowledge genuinely well-made multiplex fare. Topping the list is Maren Ade‘s “Toni […]

9 Takeaways From The 2017 Spirit Awards Nods And How ‘Elle’...

The Independent Spirit Awards has been a strange beast for most of this decade. They have often rewarded under the radar masterpieces and performances (Mya Taylor’s win in Best Supporting Female for “Tangerine” last year) but have also made head-scratching nominations in the, um, spirit of “independent spirit” (the curious case of “American”-made “The Artist”). […]

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