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John C. Reilly Talks ‘The Sisters Brothers,’ Working With Joaquin Phoenix,...

While all are fine movies, one of the finest performances of the year is not in “A Star Is Born,” or a Damien Chazelle, Barry Jenkins or Alfonso Cuaron movie. No, one of the finest performances of the year is in the quirky, disarmingly tender Western “The Sisters Brothers” by French filmmaker Jacques Audiard. Your […]

Annapurna Pictures Drops Two Major Films From Its Slate As The...

Today has been an odd day for Annapurna Pictures, as the studio surprised many and deleted two films from its upcoming slate of projects and got rid of one its highest executives. The news began with a report that the studio decided to part ways with the upcoming Fox News/Roger Ailes project that was set to go […]

Jaume Collet-Serra To Direct ‘Waco’ For Annapurna

For most of his career, Jaume Collet-Serra has presumably been happy being a better-than-average genre film director. His CV is littered with Liam Neeson joints (“Non-Stop,” “Run All Night,” “Unknown,” the upcoming “The Commuter“) and of course, last year’s surprise hit, the Blake Lively shark flick “The Shallows.” However, now it looks like the director […]

Annapurna Pictures Emerges As A Surprise Contender For The Rights To...

For years now, James Bond has been the most bankable action character in the business. We may chuckle a little at Universal Pictures‘ plans to produce 10 different “Fast And The Furious” movies or Disney‘s aggressive release calendar for its slate of Marvel movies, but that’s nothing compared to the success that Bond has seen. Since Sean Connery‘s […]

Supercut Celebrates The Cinema Of Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures

This week, the major movers and shakers of the movie industry are attending CinemaCon, with every big studio putting on dazzling presentations celebrating their future films. And while Megan Ellison isn’t holding a big showcase to highlight what Annapurna has cooking this year, this supercut makes clear the big footprint the company has made in […]

Annapurna Steps Into Distribution Game, Sets Release Date For Kathryn Bigelow’s...

The indie distribution game is always in a state of flux. Former titans The Weinstein Company now seem to be barely getting by these days, and the era of streaming hasn’t stopped new companies from coming along. Just this week, it was announced that former RADiUS honcho Tom Quinn and Alamo Drafthouse’s Tim League were teaming […]

Julia Roberts Heads To TV For ‘Today Will Be Different,’ Produced...

An A-list star going to TV? It’s no longer a big deal. If you’re an actor looking for material with some meat on the bone, that doesn’t require you to perform against a green screen, or spend every interview of a press today making sure you don’t reveal the secrets of [insert franchise], television is […]

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