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Highlighting The Silent Close-Ups In The Films Of Denis Villeneuve

One of the profound stylistic elements of a Denis Villeneuve vehicle is the camerawork. Over his career, Villeneuve has worked with cinematographers Bradford Young, Andre Turpin, and recent Oscar-winner Roger Deakins, to capture grand vistas and explore the vast landscapes and close-quartered rooms of his worlds. What may go unmentioned, however, are the intimate, reflexive close-ups featured throughout his work. […]

Taylor Swift Crashes The ‘La La Land’ And ‘Moana’ Rematch In...

The nominations for the 60th Grammy Awards were announced very early this morning and there were some positives and some negatives. For the first time in 19 years there are no white men nominated in the Best Album category. Unless you’re an Ed Sheeran fan that’s not necessarily a bad thing. “Despacito” earning a Record […]

Peer Through The Glass Of Denis Villeneuve’s Films

Dark and haunting are the worlds director Denis Villeneuve brings to the screen. Often obstructed by oblique lines and brimming with suspense, Villeneuve frames his films in a way that pulls the audience forward by their already contorted, anxiety-ridden gut. Villeneuve’s most recent film “Blade Runner 2049” will, no doubt, earn its place in the […]

Showing A Shared Humanity: Silhouettes in ‘Arrival’ [Video Essay]

Director Denis Villenueve’s “Arrival” is unique among sci-fi films for its thoughtful and humane depiction of alien first contact.  Visually, cinematographer Bradford Young uses a muted color palette and an austere sense of composition to create an atmosphere of foreboding and awe.  This new video essay focuses on Young’s use of silhouettes, a technique used […]

6 Things “Arrival” Can Teach You About Screenwriting

It is a fact that nowadays that there are many films getting released and most of them are, unfortunately, bad or just mediocre. Although, it could be said that 2016 was a pretty good year for film and “Arrival” (2016) definitely contributed to that. What makes it such a good movie, and maybe one of… Read more »

Oscars 2017: The Biggest Snubs & Surprises, Minus ‘Moonlight’ Of Course

Yes, the entire world knows “Moonlight” was the huge upset shocker of last night’s 89th Annual Academy Awards ceremony. Though there’s obviously a huge argument to be made that the biggest surprise of the night was the painful mix up itself. Still, as we continue our comprehensive post-mortem on the Oscars, we analyze the winners […]

Oscars 2017: ‘Moonlight’ Surprise Best Picture Winner, ‘La La Land’ Wins...

Well, that was something. As per usual, the Oscars were a marathon, and it was the very last category that provided the biggest spark the show has seen in decades, and maybe the most embarrassing moment in Warren Beatty‘s life. The show trudged along into Best Picture to cap off the night, with Warren Beatty […]

Ranking Every Best Picture Oscar Nominee Of The 21st Century

It’s Oscar week, and all week long we’ll be running features to amp you up before Sunday’s ceremony brings awards season to a close and we learn whether “La La Land” sweeps or if “Moonlight” can be a spoiler to the party. And having ranked all the Best Picture winners a few years back, we […]

Honest Trailers Takes On The 2017 Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Hollywood’s annual celebration of themselves arrives on Sunday with the Oscars, which will undoubtedly be a star-studded, glitzy, evening of hardware being handed out, braced by an array of political speeches. You might want to get the laughs in now, and luckily Screen Junkies takes an amusing overview of the Best Picture field in their […]

Where To Watch All The 2017 Oscar Nominees

We’re less than a week away from the big show. On February 26, first-time host Jimmy Kimmel will lead us into another night of surprises, upsets, disappointment, elation, fancy suits, lovely dresses, golden statues, cheers and jeers. We can practically smell the microwave cooked popcorn and homemade chili dip as we speak. The Oscars are […]

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer Explains How ‘Interstellar’ Made Him Change The Ending...

“Arrival” unfolds a beautiful science fiction story about time, memory, loss, and yes, big alien ships. And it’s the film’s gorgeous ending that ties all those threads together into something truly stirring and moving, with screenwriter Eric Heisserer rightfully earning an Oscar nomination for his adaptation of Ted Chiang‘s “Story Of Your Life.” However, were it […]

Massive 2 Hour 40 Minute Talk With DGA Nominees Damien Chazelle,...

Over the weekend, the Directors Guild of America invited the five feature film nominees to a theater to discuss their nominated work. DGA winner Damien Chazelle (“La La Land“), Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival“), Garth Davis (“Lion“), Barry Jenkins (“Moonlight“), and Kenneth Lonergan (“Manchester By The Sea“) all sat with moderator Jeremy Kagan to talk about the process of […]

Composers Jóhann Jóhannsson, Justin Hurwitz & Nicholas Britell Talk Crafting Some...

If you’re a music fan and love breaking down the details of how great songs come together, then you’re probably well aware of the Song Exploder podcast. Hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway, it’s a great show about the intricacies of creating great music, and over the past few months, he’s landed some terrific guests who helped craft […]

‘Arrival,’ ‘La La Land’ And ‘Game of Thrones’ Major 2017 ACE...

The 2017 ACE Eddie Awards Winners were announced Saturday night in Beverly Hills and there were a few surprise winners that deviated from the usual awards season trends (or were creating new trends in the TV categories). READ MORE: New Videos Highlight Whip-Pan Frenzy & Classic Cinema Cues In ‘La La Land’ In the film […]

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