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The 20 Best Music Videos Of 2016

We’ve discussed our favorite films of 2016. We’ve talked about our favorite shows, scenes, musical moments, performances, horror films, documentaries, animated films, trailers, posters, action scenes, cinematography, soundtracks and scores — and that’s merely scratching the surface. Hell, we’ve also looked ahead to our most anticipated films and TV shows of 2017 too. Yet, we’ve […]

The 20 Best TV Shows Returning In 2017

“Man Not Accepting Any More Television Recommendations At This Time,” went a particularly good Onion headline this week, and most of us can probably identify. An estimated 455 scripted shows aired on U.S. TV in 2016, and it’s likely to be even more than that in 2017, more than anyone could watch even if they devoted […]

The 11 Best Animated Movies Of 2016

Among so much 2016 coverage, we’re particularly proud of our collective Best Films of 2016 feature, but we do realize its paucity in one area: animation. Only one animated film made it onto the list, and that doesn’t really reflect just what a strong year it was for the form — in fact, it was possible […]

The 20 Best Movies Of 2017 That We’ve Already Seen

Well, here we are, in the brave (terrifying) new (still terrifying) world of 2017. Whatever else we have to expect in the 363 days to come (and actually, the first 48 hours have been pretty good on the whole), it promises to be a good year for the movies, as you might have seen from […]

Jessica Kiang’s Top 20 Films Of 2016

I don’t think I’m the only person to have wondered about the usefulness of watching, discussing and writing about film — or any art — when it feels like outside the theater, the sky is falling. Great chunks of catastrophe are raining down from the heavens and I’m pondering crucial issues like the mythology of […]

Ryan Oliver’s Top 10 Films Of 2016

I will spare everyone by not starting this list with reasons why 2016 sucked. However, one thing that has to be called into question are these “Film is Dead,” “TV is Winning the Culture War,” and “Why 2016 is the Worst Year in Film” clickbait headlines. If film is truly dead, and 2016 is truly […]

Kimber Myers’ Top 10 Films Of 2016

For a variety of reasons, 2016 marked my personal record for the most new films I’ve seen in any given year, which is simultaneously a triumph and a problem. More movies equals more choice, and I’m nothing if not terrible at making decisions. But the following 10 films (and runners-up, because again, I’m terrible at making […]

Best of The Rest of 2016: ‘All Stars 2,’ Thandie Newton,...

No matter what you may cover or love you can’t watch everything. You can’t watch every movie. You can’t watch every TV series. It’s almost impossible to listen and truly appreciate every major album release (well, maybe that’s a bit easier). 2016 is a year I’d like to forget (too late), but there were some […]

Katie Walsh’s Top 10 Films Of 2016

Every year when I do this, I try to find a theme among the films that stuck with me for the year. Sometimes it’s women directors or the American Dream or the triumph of the human spirit. I find that those themes run through this list as well, from Mike Mills’ “20th Century Women” to […]

The 25 Best 2016 Films You Might Not Have Seen

There’s too much TV, too many films, and there have been a few other things going on in 2016. So for sure, there are very few of us, even among the fraternity of full-time film commentators, who can say they’ve seen everything. Thus, here’s our annual roundup of the films we feel most likely either fell […]

The Best & Worst Moments, Scenes, Odds & Ends And More...

With Christmas come and gone, and just a few days left of 2016, we’re very nearly at the end of our month-look binge of the best and worst of the year at the movies. We’ve got a couple more features still to come, but despite the thousands of words we’ve already dropped, there’s still lots […]

Oli Lyttelton’s Top 15 Films Of 2016

I promised my editors that I’d ease off on the ‘2016 was awful’ intros to our year-end features. That said, fuck 2016, right in the eye. It’s been a crappy twelve months personally and politically (though happily not professionally), and for the first six months or so, cinematically too. But fortunately, the movies came through, […]

The 25 Best Movie Music Moments Of 2016

Howard Hawks once defined a good movie as one with “three good scenes and no bad ones.” Whether or not you think he’s right — and he’s not massively wrong — it’s often the moments that make the movies for us, and there’s no better way to make a moment memorable than with some music. […]

Best Of 2016: All Of The Playlist’s Year End Coverage Right...

Happy holidays, happy Festivus, merry Christmas, happy Kwanzaa, happy Hanukkah and whatever holiday you celebrate. We hope you have a really good one. We wanted to take this time to thank you for your patronage this year. 2016 has been a rough one for everyone, and that includes us. We love to ask: If you […]

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