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Poll: Do You Binge-Watch Frock Flicks?

With multi-episode TV series being pushed to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all on one day, some people enjoy sitting and watching the entire series at once. But TV writers and critics are starting to complain that binge-watching can have negative affects on how shows are created — the pacing becomes rushed without… Read more →

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco (2018)

We all loved the original series of The Bletchley Circle (2012-2014) about four women who met cracking German codes during World War II and then teamed up after the war to solve civilian crimes. So we were excited when BritBox announced that its first original series would be The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco — an… Read more →

SNARK WEEK POLL: What Historical Costume TV Do You Love to...

Support Frock Flicks with a small donation! During Snark Week and beyond, we’re grateful for your small, one-time contributions via PayPal or monthly pledges with exclusive content via Patreon to offset the costs of running this site. You can even buy our T-shirts and swag. Think of this like supporting public broadcasting, but you get more swearing and no tax deductions!   We… Read more →

Five Series to Binge Watch on Black Friday

In the U.S., today is Black Friday or Buy Nothing Day, depending on how you look at it. For me personally, it’s a long weekend I can spend eating leftovers of my mom’s Thanksgiving dinner (so.much.gravy) and sew on projects for Christmas and 12th Night. My family has exchanged homemade gifts for years, plus I’m… Read more →

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