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James Gunn In Talks To Write/Direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

It might be happening. After months of speculation, it looks like we know where James Gunn will land next. And boy, oh boy, this is not what Marvel Studios was hoping for. According to The Wrap, Gunn is in talks to write, and potentially direct, the upcoming “Suicide Squad 2.” Yes, this bears repeating. James […]

‘The Joker’: Todd Phillips Posts Another First Look As Set Photos...

We said it from minute one: the reason why director Todd Phillips was releasing early, first-look photos of Joaquin Phoenix as the clown prince of crime in his upcoming “The Joker” movie is because set photos were about to spread everywhere. And he’s right. Currently shooting in New York, in the Bronx and Queens, paparazzi […]

‘Joker & Harley Quinn’ Writers Tease A ‘Bad Santa’ Meets ‘This...

One can be forgiven if they’re deeply confused as to what the hell is going on over at Warner Bros. and DC Films. The company’s Superman is likely leaving, their Batman is already (essentially) gone, and they’re shooting a new Joker movie different from the one introduced within the DCEU less than two years ago […]

‘Joker’ Director Shares First Look At Joaquin Phoenix In Full Makeup

Oh boy, this is going to be polarizing… Fresh off the reveal of what Joaquin Phoenix would look like without makeup in the upcoming ‘Batman’ spin-off film, ‘Joker,’ director Todd Phillips is back and he gives fans what they’re been waiting for — full Joker makeup. But this isn’t the Joker you all know and […]

‘The Joker’: Todd Phillips Releases The First Look At Joaquin Phoenix

And his name is… apparently Arthur. Trying to ahead of the game as the movie prepares to shoot, and beat set photos from surfacing, director Todd Phillips has revealed the first look of Joaquin Phoenix in “The Joker” movie on his Instagram account. Of course, it’s a non-traditional look, the criminal mastermind without make-up, looking a […]

WB Says “No Decisions Have Been Made” Regarding Henry Cavill’s Future...

Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. It’s an explosive rumor from Warner Bros. ailing DC Comics Cinematic Universe. But, look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! A plane! A contradictory (kinds of?) statement from Warner Bros.! As you’ve likely read, reports […]

Unrelentingly Hopeful Ray Fisher Says Potential ‘Cyborg’ Solo DC Film Would...

Warner Bros. and DC Films are in the process of re-tooling their superhero universe. With the upcoming release of “Aquaman,” WB/DC is banking on a resurgence after the dismal box office showing of “Justice League.” However, after 2019’s “Shazam!” and “Wonder Woman 1984,” the upcoming slate of DC films is blank, at least officially, with […]

Jared Leto’s Joker Is Getting His Own Standalone DCEU Film

How many Joker movies can one studio put into production? Warner Bros., the studio behind the ever-complicated DCEU, has two in production, but the day is still young. Evidently, the company, still bruised by the release of “Justice League” and struggling to find a sustainable strategy for their superhero universe, is reportedly giving Jared Leto’s […]

Forget The Rumors: Joss Whedon Is Still Directing ‘Batgirl’

Man, things have gotten real ugly over in the land of the DCEU and Batgirl is caught in the crosshairs. It’s worse than any self-lacerating post-mortems made in the aftermath of horrifying election results, this is a lot of finger pointing and fans on the same team ripping each other apart like starving rats. “Justice […]

Kevin Feige Praises DC Films: “They’ve Figured It Out”

There’s no doubt that Marvel head and President Kevin Feige is lover of comic books. You’d have to be in order to accomplish what he has with the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception in 2008. Feige’s achieved what many have tried but failed to do: capture the spirit of his, and millions of fans, childhood […]

Casey Affleck Thinks Ben Affleck Won’t Return For ‘The Batman’ Movie

For weeks now, rumors have been swirling as to whether or not Ben Affleck will be staying on as Batman in the DCEU. Yet, it all started when Affleck stepped down as director for the upcoming “The Batman,” and Matt Reeves (“War For The Planet Of The Apes“)  consequently took over.  Affleck has also been going through […]

Report: ‘Wonder Woman’ Expected To Appear In ‘The Flash’ Solo Movie

After taking a beating for pretty much all of 2016, fans of the DC Extended Universe have finally found reason to celebrate in 2017. Obviously there’s the triumphant success of “Wonder Woman” which has dramatically turned the beleaguered narrative established by the previous two films, “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and “Suicide Squad,” a […]

‘Wonder Woman 2’ Officially Scheduled For 2019

Well, we all expected it, and some had hoped it would be announced at San Diego Comic Con. Either way, Warner Bros. and DC Films aren’t messing around, and getting the sequel to “Wonder Woman” headed to the big screen as soon as possible. “Wonder Woman 2” has been officially set for a December 13, […]

Ben Affleck Sort Of Denies Rumors: Suggests He Has One More...

It appeared Warner Bros. and DC Films were going to be embarrassed. 24 hours before the Comic-Con panel for “Justice League” and the DCEU slate, a report came out revealing Ben Affleck would be slowly easing out of “The Batman” role. The news followed months of reports that said Affleck was tired of the role, […]

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