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Drew Goddard Updates ‘X-Force’ And Hints At Complications Due To Disney/Fox...

As we approach the impending Disney/Fox merger that will see the Mouse House gain control of Fox’s many, many film and TV assets (as well as the termination of hundreds of employees), fans of the “X-Men” franchise are in a bit of limbo. There’s “Dark Phoenix,” which despite being delayed a couple times, seems poised […]

Fox Announces An ‘Untitled’ Deadpool Movie For Christmas 2018; Moves ‘Alita’...

It’s a flurry of release date changes and shifts at 20th Century Fox as they stare down the deadline of Disney owning their company in mid-2019. First, as just reported, just days after releasing their new trailer to an underwhelming response, Fox has delayed their X-Men “Dark Phoenix” movie until summer 2019 (ouch). But there’s […]

Rami Malek, ‘Deadpool 2’ And ‘Widows’ Shine As 20th Century Fox...

LAS VEGAS –  The CinemaCon presentation for 20th Century Fox got off to a rousing start on Thursday morning.  An intricate musical number to the song “One” from “A Chorus Line” featured dancers in red and black costumes as the “Deadpool” logo slowly came into view overhead.  There was a male dancer with a Deadpool […]

Rumor: One Of The Villains Of ‘Deadpool 2’ Has Been Cut...

Featuring the return of Ryan Reynolds, as Deadpool himself, and introducing an incredible ensemble cast into the comic universe, including Terry Crews, as Edlam, and Josh Brolin as Cable, fans have been hotly anticipating the release of “Deadpool 2.” However, rumors of reshoots and poor testing may have rankled the diehards a little. Most of those reports […]

‘Deadpool’ Animated Test Footage Is Released Because ‘Deadpool’ Footage Always Leaks...

Here we go again, “Deadpool” fans. As we’ve covered over the last few days, the abrupt cancelation of FX’s “Deadpool” animated series has been the source of quite a bit of controversy. From Donald Glover releasing a script devoted to the cancelation to his brother Stephen tweeting about how a Taylor Swift script was the […]

Was Taylor Swift The Reason That FX’s ‘Deadpool’ Animated Series Was...

Like most things in life, you can blame Taylor Swift for the end of the “Deadpool” FX animated series. While over the weekend it was announced that the upcoming “Deadpool” series was canceled by FX, there really wasn’t an actual reason given. Just the whole “creative differences” excuse. This was followed by a now-epic tweet […]

FX Cancels Donald Glover’s Animated ‘Deadpool’ Series Before It Airs

Everyone wants a piece of “Deadpool” now that the Marvel/20th Century Fox’s merc with a mouth character is a major massive hit. Fox, trying to capitalize on the anti-hero’s popularity, even commissioned an animated adult action-comedy on FX from “Atlanta” star, creator (and general creative genius) Donald Glover and his writer brother Stephen Glover, last year. […]

Todd McFarlane Says ‘Spawn’ Will Be More R-Rated Than “PG-13 Formula”...

Todd McFarlane has certainly shown he knows how to talk up his directorial debut, “Spawn,” before a frame has even been shot. The comic creator has been eager to finally realize his own vision of his character on the big screen, and he’s been going on and on about how it’s gonna be soooooo R-rated. […]

Disney’s Bob Iger Says ‘Deadpool’ Will Stay R-Rated

There are many, many questions that will be asked the days, weeks, and months ahead following Disney‘s deal for Fox. One of the many queries being pondered is whether or not the squeaky clean Disney will be willing to sully their family brand with some adult oriented grit. Back in the day, the studio reached […]

16 Big Questions On A Seemingly Inevitable Disney Acquisition Of 20th...

Excuse us for perpetrating this proverb as the hills of Los Angeles are currently glowing in the distance, but where there’s smoke, there is often fire. The reports earlier this week of renewed conversations between the Walt Disney Company and 21st Century Fox make it seem like a deal between the entertainment conglomerates is more […]

Donald Glover & Marvel Bringing Animated ‘Deadpool’ Series To FXX

These days, it’s not enough to have your successful comic-book property or brand exist on one platform. Sony knows this well, and it’s why in addition to relaunching Peter Parker in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” they’ve got an animated movie coming next year and a Venom-based movie universe in the works. Marvel, of course, has their tentacles everywhere […]

‘Logan,’ ‘Deadpool’ And The Paradox Of The R-Rated Superhero Movie

Chalk it up to intense cynicism, or maybe just the experience of having lived through more blockbuster springs and summers than we care to remember, but when the first “Logan” trailer premiered back in October of last year, a couple of us had our doubts. You put officially the world’s most grief-and-regret-ridden song, Johnny Cash‘s […]

Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel Says “There’s Nothing Serious About The Movies,”...

We’re a few days away from the Oscars, the annual celebration of the artistry of the medium. As the major studios increasingly pivot to blockbusters, one could argue the show is even more important than ever in shining the spotlight on the kinds of movies that are getting more difficult to make. Would “La La […]

‘Deadpool’ Writers Talk Wolverine Collaboration, Rumored Cameos & More

The writers of “Deadpool,” Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, might be a little bummed that their irreverent anti-superhero film was completely shut out of the Oscar nominations last week, but they remain unbowed (and hey, there’s still the WGA awards to come). They have plenty to be happy about with at least two more “Deadpool” movies on […]

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