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The Long, Problematic History Of Rape Scenes In Film

[SALANDER] comes to, on her stomach, sees her wrists cuffed to the headboard posts, her ankles secured to the foot posts with silk ties, and scissors slicing her jeans off. […] [BJURMAN] crams a pillow under her stomach and climbs on top of [SALANDER]. She keeps fighting but there’s not much she can do handcuffed. […]

‘Moonlight’ Wins Big At The 2017 Independent Spirit Awards

The 2017 Independent Spirit Awards kicked off with a hilarious opening monologue from “Oh, Hello” duo Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, and from there the evening was handed over to “Moonlight.” READ MORE: The 25 Best Films Of 2016 Barry Jenkins‘ celebrated film dominated the show, taking some six prizes, including Best Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best […]

‘Elle’ Wins Best Film At César Awards, Plus Watch George Clooney’s...

The weekend of big awards being handed started last night in France with the César Awards, and likely setting the tone for the next two nights, politics stepped into the spotlight. But first, lets get the business part of the equation out of the way. Winning Best Film was Paul Verhoeven‘s button-pushing “Elle,” and while […]

The 15 Best Oscar-Nominated Performances In Foreign-Language Films

We only have a few more days to wait before we’ll see if any film or person can pull off a major upset (in any category) and beat out “La La Land” which, last time we checked, was tracking to pick up more Oscars on Sunday than there are categories. It seems mathematically impossible, but […]

‘Elle’ & ‘Frantz’ Leads France’s César Awards Nominations

You might have a bit of nomination fatigue following yesterday’s Oscar nominations, but another sweep of sorts is happening overseas following the 14-nod domination of “La La Land” stateside. READ MORE: The 2017 Oscar Nominations By The Numbers Paul Verhoeven‘s “Elle” led France’s César awards with 11 nominations, including nods in major categories Best Picture, […]

The Best Movies Of 2016: Rodrigo Perez’s Picks

Ok, we’re done looking back on 2016, but if you have an appetite for more and or missed it, here’s all our Best Of 2016 coverage. OK, I know, I know. We’re waaaaaay past the sell by date on Top 10 lists, I’m all too painfully aware. My tombstone will read, “Life got in the […]

‘La La Land’ Dazzles At The 2017 Golden Globe Awards, Full...

As expected, the awards season belongs to “La La Land,” and at the Golden Globes tonight, the picture swept up pretty much everything. The hit musical won seven awards this evening, including Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress (all in the Comedy or Musical category), Best Score, Best Original Song, and Best Screenplay. Another […]

Jessica Kiang’s Top 20 Films Of 2016

I don’t think I’m the only person to have wondered about the usefulness of watching, discussing and writing about film — or any art — when it feels like outside the theater, the sky is falling. Great chunks of catastrophe are raining down from the heavens and I’m pondering crucial issues like the mythology of […]

6 Reasons Why “Elle” Is Paul Verhoeven’s Comeback Movie

Elle is one of the most daring, confronting and thoughtful films of 2016. Some might find it hard to believe that director Paul Verhoeven, …

Download Over 40 Oscar-Contending Screenplays: ‘Silence,’ ‘Moonlight,’ ’20th Century Women’ ‘Arrival’...

Have you been struggling to type out that script? The one you’ve sat on for the past few months/years or so? Trying to figure out how to make it work? Hell, do you need some help getting it started in the first place? If you want to look for the best of the best of […]

4 Quadrant Podcast Ep 7: Top 10 Movies Of 2016 With...

We are joined this week by Variety’s Chief Film Critic Peter Debruge and just in time to talk top 10s.  There was a lot of crossover with both of our lists, but even when we agreed it got…interesting. But, don’t worry. We’re still friends. It’s just a passionate debate between two friends who probably know […]

Gregory Ellwood’s Top 10 Movies of 2016: ‘Moonlight,’ ‘Personal Shopper,’ ‘Rogue...

2016 needs to end for so many reasons. Frankly, I’m not convinced 2017 will actually be better, but at least there is always the hope great new movies will distract us from the authoritarian government that is quickly swooping into power. Keep hope alive, right? As we enter the annual the “best of” season many […]

Shocker: ‘Elle’ Becomes One Of Greatest Oscar Foreign Language Film Snubs...

In one of the biggest snubs in Oscar history, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nine-short listed films for the 2017 Foreign Language Film Oscar and Paul Verhoeven’s “Elle” was not on the list. The French submitted drama stars Isabelle Huppert in an Oscar-worthy performance and has earned raves since it debuted […]

‘Toni Erdmann’ Tops Film Comment’s Best Films Of 2016

The year-end love keeps coming for “Toni Erdmann.” Maren Ade‘s breakout film topped best of lists from Cahiers du Cinema and Sight & Sound, and recently swept the European Film Awards, and was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Golden Globes. And now the film has another honor as 2016 winds down. Film Comment […]

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