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Reader Request Review: Frenchman’s Creek (1998)

Many of you suggest historical costume movies and TV shows for us to review, which is great! But with our limited time (doing this after our paying jobs), we can’t get to everything, so we have to prioritize. That lead us to realize, hey, why don’t we consider requests from readers who’ve donated to help… Read more →

Frenchman’s Creek (1998) short review

Based on the book by Daphne du Maurier, which I obviously never read, because I had NO idea that this movie was set in the 17th century or about pirates. But it is! Tara Fitzgerald is a wealthy aristocrat on the wrong side of British politics, who gets involved with a French privateer.  It’s decently… Read more →

Lady Chatterley (1993) short review

A quite explicit BBC miniseries of the D.H. Lawrence novel, with Joely Richardson as the title character as Sean Bean as her lover. Only a little bit cheesy with some gorgeous early 1920s costumes.

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