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‘Lady Bird’ Video Essay Explores The Meaning Of Love In Greta...

Bet you didn’t know this, but apparently, Greta Gerwig didn’t enjoy Amy Schumer’s latest film “I Feel Pretty.” While many of us non-Academy Award-nominated folks can watch a film and trash it without fear of someone secretly recording our every thought, that’s not the case for Gerwig. Recently, during a screening of “I Feel Pretty,” a […]

Molly Ringwald Talks ‘All These Small Moments,’ That New Yorker Piece,...

TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL: For over three decades, Molly Ringwald has made an undeniable impact on film and pop culture. The former teen superstar is best known for her roles in “The Breakfast Club,” “Pretty in Pink” and “Sixteen Candles,” but in the intervening years, the actress/writer/musician has expanded and radiated in exciting, engaging, versatile and […]

The 2018 Oscars By The Numbers

Now that the quartz miners of the planet Christophsis have been sent in to dismantle the blingiest Oscar stage ever, now that they’re rolling up the Red Carpet where Taraji P Henson MAYBE shaded Ryan Seacrest (she’s subsequently denied it but tea sure looked piping hot to me), now that the glamor has dissipated, Spanx […]

The Snubs & Surprises Of The 2018 Oscars

Another year, another Academy Awards ceremony down, and it was one with plenty to be happy about: long-overdue recognition for tremendous actors like Sam Rockwell and Allison Janney, much-deserved writing prizes for Jordan Peele and James Ivory, a double victory for the beloved Guillermo Del Toro. READ MORE: ‘The Shape of Water’ Wins Best Picture & […]

2018 Academy Awards: See The Full List Of Oscar Winners Here

With a history-making group of nominees, the 90th Academy Awards is finally here. Jimmy Kimmel hosts the telecast which will be filled with hopefully nothing but surprises and a mercifully reasonable length. Guillermo del Toro‘s fantasy romance “The Shape of Water” leads the evening with 13 nominations. “Dunkirk” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” follow closely behind with eight and […]

‘The Shape of Water’ Wins Best Picture & Director: The Full...

2017 was a wonderful year for the movies, as evidenced by this evening. It was another memorable night spent with Oscar. Frances McDormand took home her second Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role, Roger Deakins earned his first Oscar after 13 nominations, Jordan Peele won his first Oscar for horror hit “Get Out,” and no […]

‘Get Out’ Wins Best Picture: Full List Of 2018 Independent Spirit...

Awards season is almost (finally) at an end. The Independent Spirit Awards are indie film’s biggest night and hosts Nick Kroll and John Mulaney made the show a ton of fun. There was a plea to indie film stars to stay indie, Frances McDormand cussing a bunch, an opening monologue that celebrated indie film, and […]

Greta Gerwig Wants To Make ‘Lady Bird’-Verse With 3 More Movies...

The idea of a cinematic universe is no longer just for blockbuster movies, but Oscar contenders too. Luca Guadagnino has shared during this year’s awards season run that’d he be up for making as many as five “Call Me By Your Name” movies, but he’s not the only one with a grand vision. “The A24 Podcast” launched today and the […]

5 Potential Oscar Upsets This Year That Are Not Out Of...

There’s almost always one. An Oscar upset that was always possible but likely not probable.  Frankly, it’s often the most exciting part of watching the telecast. Last year the Academy shocked the world by selecting “Moonlight” as Best Picture over “La La Land.” Two years ago Mark Rylance had something of an awards season comeback […]

Paul Thomas Anderson Weighs In On ‘Dunkirk,’ ‘Get Out,’ ‘Lady Bird’...

Any reason to keep the conversation going about “Phantom Thread” is a good one, and five Oscar nominations is certainly one way to do that. Or, if you’re the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, you honor Paul Thomas Anderson with  Outstanding Director of the Year Award, a prize shared with fellow Best Director nominees Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird“), Guillermo del […]

Is ‘The Shape of Water’ Your Slam Dunk Best Picture Winner?...

After Guillermo del Toro won the DGA Award this weekend for “The Shape of Water” it would appear the Fox Searchlight fantasy is on its way to ruling Oscar night.  It’s incredibly rare for a film to win both the DGA and PGA Award as “Shape” has and not win Best Picture although it’s not […]

2018 Oscars Best Picture Nominee Supercut Reminds You This Was A...

This year, the Academy Award Best Picture nominees are definitely one of the most diverse groups in recent memory. With films like “The Post,” “Darkest Hour,” and “Phantom Thread” sitting next to the likes of “The Shape of Water,” “Lady Bird,” and “Get Out,” you have to wonder just which film has the edge. What […]

Here’s Your Chance To Read This Year’s Oscar-Nominated Screenplays

As you watch an Academy Award-nominated film, you can clearly notice the acting, editing, set design, and a variety of other categories that end up getting nominated. However, as you watch the film, there’s one thing you can’t judge – the screenplay. Sure, you can listen to dialogue, and understand the story’s structure, but for […]

2018 Oscar Nominations By The Numbers

There are always a number of things to love about Oscar nomination morning. A chance to cheer when great movies like “The Shape Of Water” receive a brace of nominations, a chance to curse the heavens with cathartic rage when a favorite is excluded (*shakes fist at sky* “The Florida Project”!!), a chance to celebrate boundaries […]

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