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‘Phantom Thread,’ ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ Costumes Make 2018 CDG...

The nominations for the 20th Costume Designer Guild Awards were revealed today and thanks to three thematic categories for both Movies and TV there were few omissions to complain about.  Expected Oscar nominees “Phantom Thread,” “The Shape of Water” and “The Greatest Showman” all made the cut in the very competitive Period Film field with […]

‘Black Mirror,’ Lady Gaga, ‘Shape Of Water’ Among 2018 Art Director’s...

The Art Directors Guild announced the nominations for the 2018 awards and even with three different film categories there were some notable omissions.  Potential Oscar nominees “Call Me By Your Name,” “Phantom Thread,” “The Greatest Showman” and “Mother!” were all snubbed while surprise contenders “Murder on the Orient Express,” “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and […]

Kenneth Branagh Considers Agatha Christie Cinematic Universe

While you were anticipating and then arguing about “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” 20th Century Fox‘s glossy “Murder On The Orient Express” quietly went around the track at the worldwide box office to the tune of $311 million. Not too shabby for a movie that only cost $55 million, and the studio is clearly pleased […]

‘Orient Express’ Sequel ‘Death On The Nile’ In The Works

Your aunts and grandmas were right all along, Agatha Christie is cool. Actually, a couple The Playlist staffers are also secret/not-so-secret fans of the famed mystery writer. At any rate, she’s enjoying a renaissance thanks to “Murder On The Orient Express,” which has quietly circled the globe to the tune of $148 million and counting. […]

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Still King In Second Week [Box Office]

Hollywood tried a couple of different tactics to knock Marvel from the throne this weekend — a family comedy, and a star-studded mystery — but the king stayed strong despite some formidable competition. “Thor: Ragnarok” retained the number one spot at the box office with $56.6 million. The movie now has $211 million domestic, which […]

‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Is A Joyless Ride [Review]

Now seems like a good time for a new take on “Murder on the Orient Express.” Sidney Lumet had memorably adapted the Agatha Christie novel (originally published in 1934) back in 1974 (Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar for her role in the film) but a more modern take on both the story’s classic whodunit mechanics and its cast […]

‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Trailer: All Aboard For Star-Studded Mystery

A lot of movie stars are on a train. Someone gets murdered. The natural question: Whodunit? Probably Willem Dafoe. Esteemed actor-director Kenneth Branagh revives yet another long-forgotten piece of IP with the upcoming Agatha Christie adaptation, “Murder on the Orient Express.” No, I don’t know why either. Here’s the official synopsis for “Murder on the Orient Express”: […]

Oscars In August: ‘Dunkirk,’ Pasek & Paul, Denzel Washington And Eight...

The last thing I probably want to do is admit how long I’ve been filing this particular column and while I’ve missed a few years here and there this is actually the third outlet I’ve done it for. Making predictions for the Oscars in August can be very dumb in some respects, but sometimes truths […]

First ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Trailer Brings Kenneth Branagh, Penelope...

After being known for directing a string of Shakespeare films, Kenneth Branagh has diversified lately. First, he dabbled in superheroes with Marvel Studio’s “Thor.” Next, he tried his hand at a spy thriller with “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.” Most recently, he tackled the live-action remake of the Disney classic “Cinderella.” Needless to say, it should […]

First Look At Johnny Depp, Kenneth Branagh, Daisy Ridley & More...

As a film genre, the whodunnit has rather gone out of fashion, but the mystery elements of hit TV shows, even non-fiction ones like “Making A Murderer,” is proof that there’s still a desire to guess who did what, with what murder weapon, in which room. And 20th Century Fox are hoping that they can […]

Jennifer Lawrence Is A ‘Red Sparrow’ And Channing Tatum Steals ‘Kingsman:...

LAS VEGAS — Some quick thoughts on a number of other 20th Century Fox sneaks from their CinemaCon presentation earlier today. “Red Sparrow” This Cold War era spy thriller from director Francis Lawrence finds Jennifer Lawrence as a Russian ballet star who injures herself during a performance (it’s hinted at that it might not have […]

The 50 Best Movie Plot Twists Of All Time

M. Night Shyamalan has a new movie in theaters this week, “Split,” in which James McAvoy plays a man with 23 personalities who kidnaps three teenage girls. Shyamalan came to fame (and the billing of “the next Spielberg”) thanks to three big hits in a row, “The Sixth Sense,” “Unbreakable” and “Signs,” but thanks to […]

What Will Be The Biggest Box Office Blockbuster Of 2017?

It might seem, from a glance, that our 100 Most Anticipated Films Of 2017 covers, well, every film coming out in 2017. But that’s far from the truth. We try to keep our annual preview to the films that we’re truly excited about, which means that there’s a lot left on the table. And often, […]

Penelope Cruz Joins Star-Studded Cast Of Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Murder On The...

We learned today that Kenneth Branagh‘s “Murder On The Orient Express” is going to be big in more ways than one. Kodak revealed the upcoming Agatha Christie adaptation will be shot on 65mm, bringing some grand scope to the colorful murder mystery, and giving the star-studded cast even more room to look glamorous. But they’ll […]

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