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‘Diamantino’: Soccer, Surrealism & Satire Score Big In This Portuguese Oddity...

Sometimes a film cannot be pinned down to a specific genre. “Diamantino,” which screened during the New York Film Festival this past week, is that perfect example. A hybrid of sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, romance, and surrealism, “Diamantino” defies explanation and follows its own beautifully dark and twisted creative whims. READ MORE: New York Film Festival: 15 Must-See Films To Watch […]

‘Border’ Is A Compassionate, Empathetic Monsters Ball [NYFF]

Tina’s upper lip quivers as she sniffs the air. She’s in uniform, watching as passengers stroll through an airport terminal corridor. She’ll pull one off to the side and find hidden booze, drugs, even secrets. Tina has a talent; she can smell emotions like guilt and fear and shame. As border security guards go, she’s […]

‘Roma’: Alfonso Cuarón Discusses Digging Into His Past For His Most...

It’s too bad Alfonso Cuarón hasn’t made more films in the past twenty years, because every single one seems to be both wonderful and a complete departure from his last project. After spending years working on new technology for his 2013 Oscar-winning adventure in orbit “Gravity,” Cuarón has spent his time since then diving into […]

Charles Ferguson’s Timely ‘Watergate’ Doc Is Routine But Vital [NYFF Review]

It’s been a hell of a week. A divided, partisan country ripped at the seams and what was once a split has become an unnavigable chasm. The protracted and ugly Supreme Court confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh turned into a culture war — left vs. right, men vs. women — when a courageous woman came […]

‘Monrovia, Indiana:’ Frederick Wiseman Delves Into Rural America [NYFF Review]

At 88 and with an honorary Oscar under his belt, Frederick Wiseman has spent so long exploring the intricacies of American institutions via documentary film that he himself has become an institution. But as usual, there is no trace but style of Wiseman in his latest effort, “Monrovia, Indiana,” which turns his lens on a […]

‘Sorry Angel’: Christophe Honoré’s Latest Is A Tender, Tentative Romance [NYFF...

Equal parts “Weekend” and “120 BPM” – while still being a pure product of writer-director Christophe Honoré – “Sorry Angel” is a tender, tentative romance, simultaneously full of both life and death. Set in 1993 in France, AIDS casts a dark shadow over the relationship between two men who can’t stay away from each other, despite the […]

Robert Pattinson & Claire Denis Discuss ‘High Life’ Casting, Space Films,...

Robert Pattinson has been thrilling audiences and critics alike with his unpredictable film choices. His last film, the Safdie Brothers’ excellent “Good Time,” was a hit with critics and really cemented Pattinson as an indie film staple and an actor who is a force to be reckoned with. Claire Denis, who really needs no introduction, […]

New York Film Festival: 15 Must-See Films To Watch

The 56th Annual New York Film Festival is upon us once again, gifting the cinematic landscape with thrilling and compelling films carefully curated from all over the world.  Last year’s favorites included “Call Me By Your Name” and “Lady Bird,” the latter of which went onto become A24’s highest grossing film and earn not one […]

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