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Poll: Do You Binge-Watch Frock Flicks?

With multi-episode TV series being pushed to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu all on one day, some people enjoy sitting and watching the entire series at once. But TV writers and critics are starting to complain that binge-watching can have negative affects on how shows are created — the pacing becomes rushed without… Read more →

WCW: Diana Rigg

Diana Rigg is easily my first true woman crush. I wanted to be Emma Peel when I was four years old. As I say in the bio I use for Costume College and similar places, my first costume was tights and a trench coat as a toddler, when I ran around pretending to be Mrs…. Read more →

Sneak Peek of HBO’s Catherine the Great

You guys. YOU GUYS. HBO recently released promo photos of My GirlfirendTM Helen Mirren as Catherine the Great in advance of its upcoming miniseries. So, what do we know about the production so far? Not a heck of a lot, really. It will be a four-part miniseries, focusing on the later era of Catherine’s 34-year… Read more →

Reader Request Review: Rome (2005-2007)

A friend of mine recently got me started on watching Rome (2005-2007) — plus readers have been clamoring for another review — and I have a few thoughts about the costuming (I know, you’re all shocked). First of all, abandon all conceived notions of historical accuracy as far as the costumes are concerned. There’s a lot… Read more →

TBT: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1996)

Each of the Brontë sisters had just one book in them, it seems, but what amazing books they were. Anne Brontë’s novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, published in 1848, was underrated at the time, but has been realized since as an early feminist masterpiece. And this 1996 three-part BBC production is a fine realization of… Read more →

Oh the Bad Movies & TV You’ll Watch 8!

The Frock Flicks team spends a lot of time working through our backlogs on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, BritBox, Acorn, and broadcast cable to watch historical costume movies and TV shows. We’ll even go out to a theater to see a movie some days. Alas, not every flick set in the past is worth our time (though check our our archives of reviews… Read more →

WTFrock Is Happening With Historical Drama These Days?

Everybody in Hollywood wants a hit. That’s not new. Even when the definition of “Hollywood” has been stretched in 2018 to include global media platforms on any size screen, on any device, produced by anyone who has the money to create movies and TV. No longer do traditional movie studios control the means of entertainment,… Read more →

MCM: Ciarán Hinds

We have been remiss in not yet dedicating a Man Candy Monday to Ciarán Hinds. So when a reader sent in a kind donation and made this specific request, I jumped to fix the oversight. As she commented, “He’s still as sexy as he was in the ’90s.” In addition to roles in Game of Thrones and… Read more →

The New Little Women (2018)

Yup, there’s a new Little Women adaptation just hitting American shores — a TV miniseries created by the BBC. I watched the three-part series as aired in the UK last year, Americans are getting a two-part-er, which makes me worry they’re editing things down for us glare… This version was made by various Brits: producer… Read more →

TBT: All the Little Women

Yet another version of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women, first published in two volumes in 1868 and 1869, hits American TV this weekend. PBS Masterpiece airs the three-part miniseries version, which premiered in the U.K. last Christmas time. Since there’s no spoilers in classic literature just like there aren’t in history, we’re gonna… Read more →

WCW: Fenella Woolgar

You may not realize you know her, but if you’ve watched costume flicks in the last 20 years, you have definitely seen her. Today we celebrate Fenella Woolgar, who not only has the best name ever, but has also graced the screen in many of our favorite historical movies and TV shows. It’s time she’s… Read more →

TBT: The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1970)

For my generation of historical costume fans, the 1970s BBC productions were the gateway drug. The Six Wives of Henry VIII (1970) and Elizabeth R (1971), which followed it, along with the burgeoning renaissance faire movement across America, really cemented a deep and abiding love of all things 16th century in me. I’ve watched both series… Read more →

Poll: Tell Trystan What to Watch Next

People! My ‘to watch’ queue is so long, I’m overwhelmed, and I can’t decide what to watch! First-world movie blogger problems, I know, I know. But instead of me spending an hour every night scrolling through Netflix, Amazon Prime, BritBox, Acorn, and my Tivo’ed collection to try and decide WTFrock to watch and review for… Read more →

Howards End: The Remake

Yeah, I went ahead and did it, I watched the 2018 remake of Howards End. I didn’t totally hate it, but still I’m not totally onboard for needing this version either. If, like me, you believe the 1992 Merchant-Ivory film was amazing and life-changing, you don’t need to bother with this four-hour TV miniseries. But… Read more →

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