‘The Equalizer 2’ Trailer: Denzel Washington Is Out For More Vengeance, Obviously


Between high-brow Oscar-nominated performances, Denzel Washington enjoys blowing off steam by pummeling bad guys in action-thrillers. Take “The Equalizer 2,” the upcoming sequel to the 2014 vigilante justice film which earned over $100 million in the U.S. Washington is paired once again with director Antoine Fuqua, reuniting the duo that gave us the original film, as well as “Training Day” and “The Magnificent Seven.”

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The Equalizer,” based on an ‘80s CBS drama, starred Washington as Robert McCall, a retired CIA operative trying to live a quiet life working at a hardware store in Boston. As you probably guessed, this doesn’t last long – we barely get to hear any of Denzel’s home renovation tips – before McCall becomes entangled with the Russian mafia in an attempt to protect a young woman he befriends. McCall is soon dragged back into a life of violence and danger.

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Fuqua addressed the possibility of a sequel in an interview with Variety in 2014, shedding light on a follow-up that could feature some new elements. “If Denzel wants to do another one, I’m there,” Fuqua explained. “It’s such an interesting character. It could be more international. This is a guy who could work in Home Mart one day, or go blend in while living in Italy. There’s room for development and evolution.”

Not much is known about the plot (until this trailer anyhow), but the screenplay for “The Equalizer 2” comes from Richard Wenk, who, in addition to scripting the first film, is credited with “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Expendables 2,” and “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.” He must really be loving writing stage directions of guys walking in slow motion in front of explosions. Co-starring Ashton Sanders (the teenage Chiron in “Moonlight”), Pedro Pascal, Melissa Leo, and Bill Pullman, “The Equalizer 2” opens July 20th.


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