Warner Bros. Gets A New Boss For DC Films


The house of DC Films was in disarray at the end of the year following the disastrous release of “Justice League.” The film’s brutal reviews were met by truly lackluster ticket sales, and it didn’t take long for an executive shakeup to go down. The comic book studio clearly needs new leadership, and now they’ve found the man they hope will guide the shingle to success.

Walter Hamada has been tapped as the new President of DC Films, replacing Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, with the latter staying on and “working closely” with the new boss. What Hamada lacks in comic book knowledge — he’s no Kevin Feige — he makes up for with plenty of franchise success, particularly with horror fare. He’s been behind Warner Bros. smash hits like “It,” “The Conjuring” films and “Lights Out,” and clearly knows how to turn seemingly niche material into big hits. He’s also buds with “Aquaman” director James Wan, which will surely help in the transition to his new role.

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It’ll certainly be interesting to see what approach Hamada brings. In some ways, by having no fanboy expectations on him, he’s a bit more freed up to really roll the dice. Will DC finally end that silly game of developing multiple scripts for the same project at the same time? Will there finally be a cohesive creative vision from the top down? How many of the multiple projects in development will get shelved as Hamada gets the DC house in order? These are all important and big questions that will likely be addressed soon. But hopefully, real change is coming to DC  because they could use all the help they can get. [Variety]


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