‘Watchmen’ Co-Creator Endorses New HBO Series & Says It’s “Exciting, Entertaining, And Absolutely Worthwhile”


While there’s still no way of knowing if a general viewer is interested in further exploring the realm of “Watchmen” in live-action, the idea of HBO turning the beloved comic book story into a new TV series didn’t initially sit well with fans. After Zack Snyder’s so-so effort to adapt the famous Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons work for the big screen, fans of the iconic comic book series felt, rightfully, apprehensive about the upcoming HBO show. But one of the comic book’s creators has now publicly endorsed the show, hoping to alleviate some of the negative buzz.

Speaking at New York Comic-Con (via Deadline) “Watchmen” artist and co-creator Dave Gibbons has, in essence, signed off on the new series because of what makes it different than the comic.

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“The original is something that we always saw as standing alone and it never in our mind required prequels or sequels or homages or pastiches or anything like that,” Gibbons said. “It isn’t that we thought it should be treated with great reverence, it’s just that we thought: If you’ve done something right just leave it alone.”

However, even as much as the original works stands on its own, the artist understands that over time, everything becomes fair game, no matter if you’re talking about iconic films, books, or even comics. “I think as happens with all works that are around long enough and are successful enough, that people do want to explore things further. As far as this new one, TV clearly is the medium of the moment. It’s where the preeminent and most exciting areas for telling stories of the moment. The fact that Damon Lindelof has found a way to bring ‘Watchmen’ into that area and do it with something I consider exciting, entertaining and absolutely worthwhile on the subject matter? I think that’s great,” he explains.

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And to further explain how the series will differentiate itself from the comic series, as well as anything else currently on TV, Gibbons says that “Watchmen” will take place in a world we have yet to experience before on screen, or in the comics.

He said, “It does pursue the idea of an alternative reality. And that’s essentially what ‘Watchmen’ was [in its original comics form], an alternate-reality story. I think what’s happening with the TV version is it presents yet another variation. And while I’ve only read the screenplay — and I can’t speak to the tone or the way the things been shot — I’d say the reality it inhabits is one that feels quite authentic. It’s not here, it’s not now, it’s something slightly sideways.”

Damon Lindelof’s “Watchmen” series is currently in production and will hit the network sometime in 2019.


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