What ‘Ant-Man & The Wasp’ Means For The MCU Future & ‘Avengers 4,’ Plus 5 Fave Insect Movies [Podcast]


Welcome to another edition of The Playlist Podcast, a discussion about film news and other film and television related items. On the first half of the episode, I’m joined as always by Playlist Editor-in-Chief Rodrigo Perez to discuss the in and outs of the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Peyton Reed‘s “Ant-Man & The Wasp.”

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For the first fifteen minutes, we discuss our-spoiler free thoughts on the movie, which we both agree that it is a minor – but frequently hilarious – entry into the MCU. At 15:15, we get into our SPOILER THOUGHTS on the film, which are minor, but we respect those who want to go in fresh, but we do touch upon the ramifications that “Ant-Man & The Wasp” will have for the greater MCU and, in particular, how the film connects to ‘Avengers 4,’ some speculation about the Quantum Realm and beyond.

On the second half of the episode, I’m joined by my guest Jenny Nulf (The Austin Chronicle, No Excuses Podcast) to discuss our Top 5 Insect Films, in honor of “Ant-Man & The Wasp.” While we admittedly stretch the definition of an “insect film” in our picks, it was a lot of fun to put together, and we hope you enjoy listening to it.

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As always, thanks for listening!

0:00 – 15:15 – Spoiler-Free Review
15:15 – 45:02 – ***SPOILER SECTION***
45:02 – End – Top 5 Insect Films


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